Pst. Guys. I’m going to Edinburgh :3

Edinburgh uni, I mean. And I’m pretty happy about that, because it’s a good uni, and they let me in even though I didn’t *quite* get the grades they asked for, and…well, it’s a really nice city. It’s pretty left-wing, there are sword shops (seriously, you can buy plate mail and battleaxes in Edinburgh. Don’t tell me that’s not awesome), there’s a bit of pagan stuff, which is vaguely relevant to my interests, and there’s a hell of a lot of alternative stuff, so it’s all good.

But more than anything, I’m really, really excited because I’m basically going to fucking Hogwarts XD

Like, JK Rowling lived in/went to Edinburgh too, and the old town just looks so much like Hogwarts. I honestly can’t go there without thinking of it, it just reminds me of it so much o.O

Anyway. I’m pretty pleased about it :3

Oh, also, if any of you guys are going to Edinburgh too, let me know? I mean, theoretically we could meet up and geek out over Norse gods and time travellers and shite, and that would be really cool :3